Expunge Your Criminal Record

Many people are looking into the possibility of expunging their criminal records. This article will provide you with some useful information about criminal record expungement and how you may be able to get rid of a criminal past.

A "expunged" criminal record is just that: removed from the court's files. However, a criminal record expunged in New York is completely destroyed. In other words, you cannot "seal" this criminal history in New York. That is why it is so important to know what your rights and the laws in your particular state are regarding expunging your criminal records.

For example, if your record has a conviction for grand larceny or a felony offense, you may have no choice but to acknowledge the crime and to accept whatever consequences are imposed by the court. This may include the loss of your freedom, incarceration in a jail or prison, a fine, and a sentence of probation, all of which carry varying degrees of severity.

But what if your criminal court did not impose any jail time on you for the crime? Then you are eligible for expungement in your state, which means you can legally erase your criminal past from your history for as long as you want, with no questions asked.

How does one go about expunge criminal records in New York? The easiest way is to use an online service that will send you a form that you must complete and submit in order to get your criminal past expunged. If your case requires an evidentiary hearing, your attorney will help you prepare your defense for the trial and may even go to trial for you. In many instances, this is the best route to take.

The downside of expunging criminal records in New York is that your record will still show up in searches and background reports. Therefore, it may still come up as "available." You will have to face the possibility of unwanted phone calls, emails, or even in certain cases, visits to courthouses.

However, there are ways around this, and the process is relatively easy. As a matter of fact, you may be able to even erase your criminal past in less than a day.

One legal experts advise that you hire an attorney who specializes in expunging criminal records. Because the process is so complicated, they may charge you a fee for the assistance. However, most attorneys can do the process within 24 hours.

Your first step in getting rid of your clear record is to gather all of your records. You should keep a copy for yourself. Then gather some evidence that will prove your innocence, such as a police report, witness testimony, etc.

When you have your clear criminal records in hand, you can apply for expungement in New York State. You will need a letter from your lawyer explaining why your records should be expunged. In most cases, your lawyer will tell you to obtain a DNA test and a test of saliva or urine to support your claim.

After this you will need to contact your local law enforcement agencies. Let them know that you want to expunge your records. Make sure you have all of the required documentation.

Make sure you fill out a request for expungement with your local agency. They will then contact your court clerk and county recorder, as well as any other agencies that had contact with you while you were in jail.

Once you get all the documentation together, you should schedule an appointment with a local agency to get the records sealed. It is important to bring the documents to the court for an evidentiary hearing, because this will show that your request was properly filled out and that you have proof that you were innocent. Your expunged records will be then sent directly to your state's records database.


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